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28. 08. 08

handy emerge status tool

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since i am using this right now, i want to show it to you real quick.
this is a tool that comes in very handy while compiling on slow systems or while compiling many packets.
it shows you the estimated remaining time of the current ebuild.

what do you need:

(emerge -av genlop hddtemp lm_sensors)

just configure lm_sensors.

i use this script to cycle me through the info screens:

while :
genlop -c;
sleep 5;
tail /var/log/emerge.log -n 4
sleep 5;
echo "load 1min, 5min av:"
uptime | awk '{print $10,$11}'
echo; echo "Temps:"
sensors | awk '/CPU Temp|Int/{print $1,$2,$3}'
hddtemp /dev/hdb
sleep 3

that’s it.
if your sensors in /etc/sensors.conf are named different than “CPU Temp” and “Internal Temp” just change it in the script.

have fun

PS: the Output looks like this:


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