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07. 09. 08

antec fusion v2 volume knob and lirc

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different subject same story, there are no exact instructions on how to make the volume knob work with lirc, so i will do a quick howto on that too.

for me there was nothing special about getting the knob to work.
i just installed lirc as described in the post below, after that i played around with irrecord and that’s it.
(fyi: irrecord creates a [remote] section for the lirc config)
if you want to do this yourself use this command:
#irrecord -d=/dev/lirc
follow the instructions.

if you are lazy you could use my config:
begin remote
name ClickWheel
bits 16
eps 30
aeps 100
one 0 0
zero 0 0
post_data_bits 16
post_data 0x0
gap 131995
toggle_bit_mask 0x30000
begin codes
VolUp 0x0001
VolDown 0x0100
end codes
end remote

simple as that.

i did not come around to setup the ir reciever since i bought the wrong remote…. 😦
i read that the version2 of the microsoft mce remote should work, so i bought a fake one at amazon.
but unfortunately it is not a microsoft mce remote clone, it acutally is mce compatible but only if you use the receiver shipped with the remote.
it is labeled “ar remote mce” on the back and says “X10 Remote”.
so i figure it will work with the atiusb module if you use the reciever shipped with the remote.
but it won’t work with the imon receiver since the imon uses IR and the X10 uses RF.
that’s not a big problem since i will use the X10 one for my other frontend (see the epia c3 project)

i am searching another remote right now, i have read that the xbox360 universal remote should work, i also found an original microsoft mce remote.
but these are priced at around 30€ so i will do a lil research before spending another 30 for a remote that may not work with imon…


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