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12. 09. 08

which remote control for the antec fusion v2?

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the frontend is ready to serve its purpose, but i am missing a working remote.
i tried an x10 remote which obviously did not work because it sends RF and the imon Receiver is only capable of receiving IR signals…
i also tried different remotes shipped with the hauppauge pvr cards and another cheap universal remote.
i read that every windows media center remote should work, however i do not want to buy stuff if i am not sure, so i wrote to antec support.
i will post the answer.



  1. What about a logitech harmony remote? works with nearly any device…

    Comment by chguedel — 12. 09. 08 @ 19:19

  2. the cheapest harmony i found is the 525 which is 45€, a guy in a forum wrote that the imon ir receiver will work with harmony remotes from the 6-series upwards, that’s to expensive in my opinion, i’ll try to get a xbox360 media remote, they are about 20-30€ on ebay right now.

    Comment by niko86 — 12. 09. 08 @ 19:19

  3. I’ll bet with you that the IMON-Receiver will work with the 525. I have not seen one single device that does not work with the 525…

    Comment by chguedel — 12. 09. 08 @ 20:20

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