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12. 10. 08

long time no post.. time for an update

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well, we finally moved to the new house and i got to eventually connect the tuners to a source.
since then i fiddled around with the system.
it really is a big geek’s toy, there are so many things to do, i spent countless hours playing around.
what i can tell you right now is, if you are not sure wether mythtv is “girlfriend-friendly” you will be surprised…
“our” mythtv system has already replaced many information-gathering and multimedia devices.
personally, i mainly use the webinterface to schedule recordings and browse the epg, but as my fiancé proves, you can use all the functions quite comfortable from the mythfrontend.

currently i only encounter some minor problems:
– one of the tuners doesn’t like one specific channel
– it is getting obvious that the 2.8ghz p4 is a little ‘slow’
– the sound of the frontend is a little low, when switchting between input sources on the telly it is necessary to adjust the volume
– some recordings are quite inaccurate, starting several minutes early, stopping several minutes early too, i don’t know wether the epg data is inaccurate or if this a configuration issue.
– commercial flagging on two of the channels doesn’t quite work


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