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13. 10. 08

graph your tv habits

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if you are a fan of fancy graphs and statistics you will definitely like this.
i love graphs and statistics about aspects of my system.
my preferred tool is cacti.
well, it is not simply a tool, it is a complete framework written in php,perl and mysql.
there are several graphs ready to use and the best thing about it, you could graph almost everything by writing your own data-sources and so on.
if you are not already graphing away i recomment you give it a shot.
since it is possible to easily write your own “plug-ins”, you could as well graph some mythtv stats.
the mythtv database holds information we could use here, the xml output of the backend will come in handy too.
fortunately some genius has already created a little walkthrough and some templates:
looking at his efforts i am sure you can think of many additional items one could graph.
happy graphing!


EPG data for Austria/Germany/Switzerland

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if you are searching for good EPG Data for AT/DE/CH with categorys and stuff, you might just have found the answer.
You might think: “Why doesn’t this bloke use nxtvepg..?”, Well, i took a look, but since i found a good grabber and i read that nxtvepg doesn’t provide more than a few days of guide data, i will stick with the grabber.
first i tried tvm2xml from:
it works quite good, is quite fast, but i just can’t get good epg data for some of the channels.
after a while of searching i read about, they are providing good epgdata ready to download in xml format for a little anual fee.
you can grab and use the data with tv_grab_eu_epgdata from the xmltv package which you should download manually from the xmltv project site since the version in the portage tree is quite old.
you can get 16 days of epg data from
it may be possible to get some more, but the grabber seems to be broken since it exits with an error if you specifiy more than 16 days.
if you know another alternative feel free to post a comment.

28. 08. 08

handy emerge status tool

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since i am using this right now, i want to show it to you real quick.
this is a tool that comes in very handy while compiling on slow systems or while compiling many packets.
it shows you the estimated remaining time of the current ebuild.

what do you need:

(emerge -av genlop hddtemp lm_sensors)

just configure lm_sensors.

i use this script to cycle me through the info screens:

while :
genlop -c;
sleep 5;
tail /var/log/emerge.log -n 4
sleep 5;
echo "load 1min, 5min av:"
uptime | awk '{print $10,$11}'
echo; echo "Temps:"
sensors | awk '/CPU Temp|Int/{print $1,$2,$3}'
hddtemp /dev/hdb
sleep 3

that’s it.
if your sensors in /etc/sensors.conf are named different than “CPU Temp” and “Internal Temp” just change it in the script.

have fun

PS: the Output looks like this:

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