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12. 09. 08

which remote control for the antec fusion v2?

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the frontend is ready to serve its purpose, but i am missing a working remote.
i tried an x10 remote which obviously did not work because it sends RF and the imon Receiver is only capable of receiving IR signals…
i also tried different remotes shipped with the hauppauge pvr cards and another cheap universal remote.
i read that every windows media center remote should work, however i do not want to buy stuff if i am not sure, so i wrote to antec support.
i will post the answer.


07. 09. 08

final parts arrived

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Since the last part of the HTPC Solution arrived yesterday, i am installing the mythtv frontend on it right now.

ok, so whats the last part(s)?
after some google searches i decided to go for this:

-ABIT I-N73HD mainboard, geforce 7100 onboard graphics, nforce630i chipset, hdmi output.
i read that several people had problems getting this board to work under linux and i have to admit, there is no problem, after configuring the kernel it worked right out of the box without any hassle.

-e2200 c2d processor, not that powerful, but cheap and cool.

-arctic cooling freezer 7 lp, for the case i bought it had to be a small cooler, this one is not very small in fact, but its height is optimal for the case.

-2.5″ notebook drive, not that fast, but it is cooler, more quiet and of course smaller than a 3.5″ one.

-2gb of RAM, actually i got 4gb, but after ordering 4x1gb i noticed that there are only 2 ram slots on the mainboard, so now i got 2gb spare…

-Antec Fusion V2, looks nice, perfect cooling solution (got two fans on the side which are sucking the hot air directly from the cpu cooler), vfd display, builtin IR receiver, volume knob.

fusion v2

fusion v2


21. 08. 08

finally the missing frontend parts arrived!

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this morning the morex cubid 2600 itx case arrived, including an external powerbrick, riser card and 3 40x40mm fans.

of course i got right to it and started assembling it all together.
it is really a tight fit, even with this small mainboard.
the itx case is about the size of a dvd player.

some pictures will follow soon

14. 08. 08

On the Cheap Side…

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Let’s do some more shopping.

I already bought some stuff for the Frontend and the TV Cards.

I still did not start to buy Backend Stuff.

So i figured why not make a Backend out of the older Workstations at Home?

This is what i got:

Older Chieftec Tower cs-601
Some Asus Mainboard Socket 478
Good’ol P4 Northwood 2.4 ghz (stable at 3.0ghz with aircooling)
2gigs of Ram
2 200gb Sata Harddisks (Seagate Barracuda).
Some old DVD Drive.

Let’s try this, if everything works as expected i could spend some more money on other parts still to buy.

I am still lacking a DVB-S Card

Buying Stuff

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Here we go, first comes the fun part.
We should buy some stuff.

So i recently started looking at TV Cards.
Since the TV Cards known to work with MythTv are mostly older Cards, i had to look at Ebay.

So i found myself a few Hauppauge PVR 150 Cards.

PVR 150

Started bidding and bought two of them.

I also bought a Pinnacle PCTV Studio since it was extremely cheap (1 €).

PCTV Studio

I am still lacking a DVB-S Card.
I’m looking at the Nexus or Nova Series.

What do else do i need?
Hardware for the Backend and Frontend.

So i bought the stuff for the Frontend first.
Just arrived:
Via Epia M9000

Epia M9000

This is a nice little Mainboard with C3 Processor doing 900mhz.
I put 512MB RAM on it.
It has one PCI Slot and an S-Video Out as well as a Via Unichrome Chip with Hardware MPEG2 Decoder.

This should fit perfectly into the concept of doing a quiet unobtrusive Frontend.

Still waiting for the second Part,
Morex Cubid 2600 ITX Case with an external 150W Power Brick.
I know there are much nicer cases, but this one was really cheap.
Also found on Ebay, paid 30 € for it, mint condition, black.

Cubid 2600

So what else do i miss?

Sure, some Storage for the Frontend, Harddisks are not suitable for this project since i want it to be quiet.
So i took a peak at the SSD Market and found myself a nice little 1 inch 8GB Transcend IDE SSD.
This should be enough to do a mythtv frontend.

Im still missing a DVD Drive, i found a cheap Samsung Slim Drive.
I have not bought it yet.

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