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25. 08. 08

temperature problems

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wow, in the progress of emerging i eventually got to lm_sensors, so after that finished i fired up sensors-detect and got a shock:
load 1min, 5min av:
4.03, 3.11,
CPU Temp: +70.5
Int Temp: +37.0
/dev/hdb: 34 C
these are the temperatures while compiling.

as you can clearly see the airflow is not the problem, that’s why the mainboard and hdd temperatures are ok.
after 2 minutes without stressing the system, the temperatures drop like this:
load 1min, 5min av:
0.49, 2.24,
CPU Temp: +34.8
Int Temp: +36.0
/dev/hdb: 34 C

so this surely is a problem with the cpu heatsink.
it looks like it simply is not capable of cooling the thermal dissipation loss of the c3.
i just measured the heatsink and it seems to be standard chipset cooler size, so any chipset cooler should fit.

if anybody has an idea which chipset cooler to get, feel free to leave a comment or mail me at
nikosch86 [at] gmail [dot] com


just found a couple of promising looking coolers.

Enzotech CNB-S1

Enzotech CNB-S1

Enzotech CNB-R1

Enzotech CNB-R1

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