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13. 10. 08

graph your tv habits

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if you are a fan of fancy graphs and statistics you will definitely like this.
i love graphs and statistics about aspects of my system.
my preferred tool is cacti.
well, it is not simply a tool, it is a complete framework written in php,perl and mysql.
there are several graphs ready to use and the best thing about it, you could graph almost everything by writing your own data-sources and so on.
if you are not already graphing away i recomment you give it a shot.
since it is possible to easily write your own “plug-ins”, you could as well graph some mythtv stats.
the mythtv database holds information we could use here, the xml output of the backend will come in handy too.
fortunately some genius has already created a little walkthrough and some templates:
looking at his efforts i am sure you can think of many additional items one could graph.
happy graphing!


12. 10. 08

long time no post.. time for an update

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well, we finally moved to the new house and i got to eventually connect the tuners to a source.
since then i fiddled around with the system.
it really is a big geek’s toy, there are so many things to do, i spent countless hours playing around.
what i can tell you right now is, if you are not sure wether mythtv is “girlfriend-friendly” you will be surprised…
“our” mythtv system has already replaced many information-gathering and multimedia devices.
personally, i mainly use the webinterface to schedule recordings and browse the epg, but as my fiancé proves, you can use all the functions quite comfortable from the mythfrontend.

currently i only encounter some minor problems:
– one of the tuners doesn’t like one specific channel
– it is getting obvious that the 2.8ghz p4 is a little ‘slow’
– the sound of the frontend is a little low, when switchting between input sources on the telly it is necessary to adjust the volume
– some recordings are quite inaccurate, starting several minutes early, stopping several minutes early too, i don’t know wether the epg data is inaccurate or if this a configuration issue.
– commercial flagging on two of the channels doesn’t quite work

17. 08. 08

everything goes to plan…

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now i have to wait for the parts still missing..
i have done everything i could think of without having a frontend.
installed several plugins, wake-on-lan, xmltv+grabbers

i also added the ~x86 keyword to package.keywords for all of the mythtv packets and updated everything to the latest available version.

it is not quite up-to-date but better than dealing with the very old versions in the portage tree.

i thought of compiling from the svn repository but i do not want to loose the comfort of portage and emerge…
(I know there is the possibility to make an svn overlay for portage, but i did not try this till now, so im a bit scared, dont wanna mess things up ) )

14. 08. 08

Let’s get to work

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This is where I am right now:

Frontend is still missing the SSD Drive.
The Case should be delivered any day soon.
Slim DVD Drive is still missing.

The Backend is missing a CPU Cooler which im gonna buy today.
I found some 80mm and some 120mm Fans today, i just cleaned them from the coat of dust.
I also found a Fan Control Thingie in my cabinet.

Just mounted all the Stuff into the old Chieftec Tower.

So after im back from buying the CPU Cooler i will throw a Gentoo CD into the backend and see what i can do.

Im really curious if the old Hardware is still working since i did not use it for some years.

If i do not experience any hardware problems i will start compiling the Backend today.

The reason why i like to use gentoo?
Simple enough, i just like it )

If i cant get it to work due to hardware incompatibilities i will just switch to mythbuntu which sould work like a charm.

more to come later today.

On the Cheap Side…

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Let’s do some more shopping.

I already bought some stuff for the Frontend and the TV Cards.

I still did not start to buy Backend Stuff.

So i figured why not make a Backend out of the older Workstations at Home?

This is what i got:

Older Chieftec Tower cs-601
Some Asus Mainboard Socket 478
Good’ol P4 Northwood 2.4 ghz (stable at 3.0ghz with aircooling)
2gigs of Ram
2 200gb Sata Harddisks (Seagate Barracuda).
Some old DVD Drive.

Let’s try this, if everything works as expected i could spend some more money on other parts still to buy.

I am still lacking a DVB-S Card

Buying Stuff

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Here we go, first comes the fun part.
We should buy some stuff.

So i recently started looking at TV Cards.
Since the TV Cards known to work with MythTv are mostly older Cards, i had to look at Ebay.

So i found myself a few Hauppauge PVR 150 Cards.

PVR 150

Started bidding and bought two of them.

I also bought a Pinnacle PCTV Studio since it was extremely cheap (1 €).

PCTV Studio

I am still lacking a DVB-S Card.
I’m looking at the Nexus or Nova Series.

What do else do i need?
Hardware for the Backend and Frontend.

So i bought the stuff for the Frontend first.
Just arrived:
Via Epia M9000

Epia M9000

This is a nice little Mainboard with C3 Processor doing 900mhz.
I put 512MB RAM on it.
It has one PCI Slot and an S-Video Out as well as a Via Unichrome Chip with Hardware MPEG2 Decoder.

This should fit perfectly into the concept of doing a quiet unobtrusive Frontend.

Still waiting for the second Part,
Morex Cubid 2600 ITX Case with an external 150W Power Brick.
I know there are much nicer cases, but this one was really cheap.
Also found on Ebay, paid 30 € for it, mint condition, black.

Cubid 2600

So what else do i miss?

Sure, some Storage for the Frontend, Harddisks are not suitable for this project since i want it to be quiet.
So i took a peak at the SSD Market and found myself a nice little 1 inch 8GB Transcend IDE SSD.
This should be enough to do a mythtv frontend.

Im still missing a DVD Drive, i found a cheap Samsung Slim Drive.
I have not bought it yet.

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