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15. 08. 08

hell of a job

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As posted i started compiling after assembling the backend.

i did not remember it correctly, it actually is a P4 2.8 ghz which is now working in the backend.

so let’s get to the point, since i now got two older Hard Drives i thought i should do a Raid Array with Raid Level 0.

So just did it and started building the Kernel.

Everything worked fine, Raid Performance measured with hdparm:


Timing cached reads:   1888 MB in  2.00 seconds = 944.21 MB/sec
Timing buffered disk reads:  218 MB in  3.00 seconds =  72.58 MB/sec

I think that’s not bad for some old dusty Harddisks.

Crawling through the Kernel Options for Multimedia Functions was a bit painful since there are lots and lots of different settings.

Mainly i enabled some Phillips Drivers, bt848, PVR, ivtv.

Seemed to work fine.

Rebooted into the system, added some USE-Flags:


USE="-X -ipv6 -alsa -xscreensaver apache2 mysql pam php curl curlwrappers cgi gd jpeg png gif \
xml cdr dvd lm_sensors quotas syslog fam suexec bash-completion sqlite pdo simplexml sockets posix"



media-tv/mythtv autostart backendonly ivtv mmx xvmc -dvd
media-video/mplayer a52 aac aalib cpudetection dts encode mmxext mp2 mp3 musepack quicktime real ssse3 truetype vorbis x264 xv xvid 3dnow 3dnowext srt dvd
media-video/ffmpeg mmx zlib -X a52 aac amr encode imlib ogg vorbis x264 xvid
media-libs/a52dec djbfft
media-tv/xmltv eu_epg tv_check tv_combiner tv_pick_cgi de_tvtoday

I read some bad things about that “backendonly” Use Flag of mythtv, but I’ll give it a shot.
mplayer and ffmpeg are there for some transcoding, i don’t know if i will actually need it.

started upgrading it and building mythtv…

what a hell of a job.
some of the ebuilds are already broken.
the pvr_firmware driver for example, they changed the url for some archive, so you have to manually download the archive and remerge it again. (

The current Status:

I’m currently recompiling the Kernel since the building suddenly stopped with this Error:


*   CONFIG_VIDEO_HELPER_CHIPS_AUTO:     should not be set. But it is.

So i disabled this option, recompiled and remerged.


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