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29. 08. 08

cooling the c3 in a small htpc case

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as mentioned in an earlier post the c3 becomes very hot.
i bought the enzotech cnb-r1 mentioned before (click)
running with a fan it is a little bit better, but while testing with stress (a test tool, app-benchmarks/stress) the c3 reached about 85 °C which is the maximum temperature referring to the data-sheet.
so i stuck another 40mm fan between the northbridge and the cpu cooler to blow the hot air from the cpu cooler to the hard disk where the “exhaust” fans are located.
this did not “solve” the problem but now i can close the case and the CPU temperature stays below 80°C.
if the system is in idle (also while watching videos or tv), the temperature immediately drops to 40°C and stays there.
It is strange indeed, the Temperature of the CPU only goes up significantly if the load is higher than 3.00, below that there is no problem, so for the every-day-use of the frontend it will be good enough.


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