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12. 09. 08

abit I-N73HD, HDMI, X Server and 1366×768

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well, since i did not try the new mainboard with our TV, i also did not know wether the HDMI Output works and wether it is capable of sending 1366×768 to the TV.
so it was time to try.
The TV is some Samsung 32″ LCD, the native resolution is 1366×768.
this is what i did to make it work:
follow these instructions to make Direct Rendering work: click

add no additional lines to your xorg.conf
switch on your TV, disconnect VGA, connect HDMI output to your TV.
start X.
wait, voila!
it just works out of the box, seems that the samsung TV sends proper EDID Data.
there are no black lines, dead pixels or whatever, it just works perfectly.
i did not configure anything regarding the hdmi output.
the next thing on my list is a splashscreen to show while booting. (so the init scripts do not scare my girlfriend that much 🙂 )

after some testing i am now sure that the graphics part is setup properly, the processor utilization while watching tv or videos does not exceed 2 %, the picture looks good and sharp, there is no flicker or whatsoever, the scaling works (most of the TV Channels are 4:3 in this country…).
it seems that everything just worked “automagically”.
I saw many reports of people having severe trouble with the Abit I-N73HD regarding sound, graphics and network, as well as with the antec fusion regarding IR/VFD/Volume Knob.
So if you need a mainboard with HDMI output or a decent HTPC Case or both, don’t hesitate, it works.
if you need some help leave a comment.

just checked again and noticed that it actually is 1360×768, nevertheless looks fine on the tv 🙂 makes me happy.
here is a screenshot:

tv info osd

tv info osd


15. 08. 08


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well after messing with X i installed Xvnc and connected to the X-Server from another computer.
Did mythtv-setup and looked through the prisma grabber.

i have to say it looks kinda promising, got myself into no serious troubles, backend is up and running, now im gonna take a look at the webinterface things.

then i need the remaining parts for the frontend and im ready to get cracking )

Bad Useflags…

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Everything finished compiling.
I just emerged xmltv and some grabbers.

After that i noticed a real bad mistake..
i had the Use flag “-X” in my make.conf.
mythtv-setup requires an X Server, this is clearly stated in the mythtv documentation…
That’s why you should always read the docs…

So im off to emerging all the X stuff.
Currently im setting up a vnc server because my backend is headless…

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