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29. 08. 08

xine, why not?

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after fiddling around with mplayer and the openchrome overlay i did not get mplayer with xvmc to work.
i don’t think openchrome causes the problems, everytime i tried to play a video with -vo xvmc mplayer told me that this video_out device is not compatible with the codec.
I don’t know what this means or why mplayer says that and it did not matter what codec the video was encoded with, so i gave it up.
somewhere i read about xine so i emerged it with the xvmc USE Flag, quickly went over the setup of xine.
(just execute `xine` while in x session, right click -> settings)
configured mythfrontend to use xine -f for mythvideo (-f = start in fullscreen)
that’s it, no magic happens here, just the xorg-server from openchrome overlay, the driver from openchrome overlay and xine.
it works out of the box, has lirc support, nice osd and i can play back videos with ~60% CPU Utilization.
what do you want more, compared with the fiddling with mplayer this took me 20 minutes (inlcuding the compiling of xine-lib, xine and oxine) and simply worked.
I am sure that there is a simple way to get xvmc to work with mplayer, but i just did not figure it out.


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